A&E VINTAGE STORE.COM is a first polish online vintage store offering
unique selection of vintage garments, shoes, accessories and miscellaneous items.
A&E is a group of true and experienced vintage lovers, aware of style and fast changing fashion.
A&E inspiration comes from the world's vintage mecca cities like London, New York,
Copenhagen, Tokyo, Amsterdam, giving you a true reflection of vintage style.
In A&E store you can find vintage items that are specially selected and transformed to form
a fascinating and sophisticated character of A&E Vintage Store.

We ship goods to Europe and North America:

The shipping cost is 27 PLN for the 1 kg for International Letter, delivery time 14 days.

If you would like to place order here are the order & payment instructions:

dodaj do koszyka = add to cart
dalej = next
Imie = first name
Nazwisko = last name
ulica = street and number
kod = postal code
miasto =city
telefon = phone

-In the window 'Sposob dostawy' = Delivery method, choose option INTERNATIONAL LETTER
-In the window 'Sposob platnosci' =Payment method, choose option KARTA KREDYTOWA

-Then it should take few secounds for the system to lounch the Credit Card payment window.

-In the window NR. TELEFONU please write your Phone number - this is needed for the
security reasons.

-Then click DALEJ (NEXT)

-Write your Credit Card Number in window NUMER KARTY

-Then click PLACE = I pay

If you have any other questions please write ti us:

tel. +48502079066, +48509905723

Office adress:
A&E Vintage Store
ul. Zwinisławy 4c/7
81-572 Gdynia, Poland